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Building A Lasting Relationship

In our previous posts, we’ve talked about many things regarding to relationship and love. We’ve equally seen some qualities, reasons, and some Do’s and Don’ts but today I want to give you major qualities and skills needed in building a lasting relationship.
Some do have the mentality that it is money that builds a lasting relationship while others say it is money that get the girls and make them yours forever, and I want to ask you this.
What if the money finishes? That means the relationship won’t last because it’s based on money and for you thinking that money gets the girls, you may be right in your perspective but once they have the money, they got nothing to do with you regarding to relationship and if they are being asked, their response will be like “He is just a friend that helps out with some money. You have nothing to do with her feelings.
Now you have to know one thing about girls. You may be giving them money thinking you are getting them to yourself but sorry, you got it wro…

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