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In Love, Do you Know This?

Today, people just jump into relationship without going through the process and school of friendship and it has led them to various bad situations.

Sometimes they will be like I don’t understand him/her again. Why will you understand? You don’t even know anything about him, what you know is that he is cute, loving, caring and all that because he buys some things for you. Possibly, you don’t even know his likes and dislike talk more of his character or attitude.

You think that may be he loves me and I love him so it’s going to work out, we are in love already.

NO, it doesn’t work that way.
Sometimes I wonder why some people act the way they do.

You met him today, liked and loved him today, kissed today, some even engage into having sex just on the first date. My dear it’s “lust not love”.

You just saw him and you are off (love at first sight). NO, that is not the way, you have to keep cool.

By the way, why will you just see someone for the first time and when asked out you just accept; May be he is your classmate in High School that is new, he is handsome and has money and you are already turned on because of him, then the next thing in line which you call love you start infatuating. Your friends will see you thinking and when they ask you what the matter is, you will be like “I’m in love”, my dear it is “lust not love”.

That he/she is handsome or beautiful is not to make you love him/her because that is not the qualities of True/Real Love.

Later on we will learn about “True/Real Love and its qualities”.

Today, we are going to know the basic things before we go into relationship;

  • You need to know that being in a real/true relationship is like having a wife or husband to take care of and help, therefore, it needs some process to build it if it must last or stand.

  • You don’t need to start off in a hurry when going into relationship. Don’t you think that starting off in a hurry is ideal? Or you think “well I like him and he likes me too, may be we are in love” you will end up skipping over the part where you are good friends and there won’t be respect in your relationship.

  •  Good relationship in which there is real love starts off with friendship.

  • You need not to skip this part because it is on the field of friendship that a good relationship is built on. At this stage will get to learn each other and there will be respect because you didn’t start off in a hurry.
  •  Self respect matters a lot therefore, you need to build yourself with good morals and right attitude/character.
  •   You need to be mind blowing: When you are mind blowing and a morale builder, it will make your friendship a better one because you have something on your mind to offer and your fellow will love you more with respect.
  •  Do not involve sex in your relationship because any relationship built based on sex doesn’t last no matter what you do or how hard you try and it is not really possible for that person to think of getting married to you because he will think that you have been having sex with others too, and for him as a guy will like to get married to a decent girl.
  • Do not infatuate
If you are in “High School” or college, the chances are that you are in love with someone right now or think you might be. But there are many wrong concepts about love.
Many confuse infatuation with real love, others think that “love at first site” is the real thing, still others don’t know the difference between love and lust or between sexual attraction and love
Infatuation is the state of being completely carried away by and attraction to someone. It is said to be that someone is “badly in love”. It is a very wrong concept about love.
In our next post as we go on, we will learn about “Relationship in High School”
Further more, you should have understanding when building your friendship.
Always make sure that you are in your right sense, don't and if these measures are taken, we won't have much problems.
Always be yourself and stop trying to be like others or compare them with you because comparing them is disastrous.


Erika Ravnsborg said…
This is an amazing story. You also had good tips to make you think about what you want in a future partner
Joseph Joshua said…
Yes, it will really help you make a good decision in relationship
BasedonyoubyTye said…
Yasss. Nowadays people treat relationships like toys. When its broken they just throw it away abd buy a new one. If you arent ready for a committment, let the idea go.
Soumita said…
Fabulously written,
This points are very very helpful . Relationship these days lack depth.
Thank you for sharing!:)

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