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True Love and Its Qualities

People are completely carried away by an attraction to someone. They are so carried away by this attraction that they don’t know what they are doing and it is said to be, “being blindly in love”(infatuation). But the truth of the matter is “Love is NEVER Blind”.

Some who are involved in infatuation usually cannot think of any other thing or anyone else other than the structural build up of the so called love (sexual gratification and pleasure – lust).

Infatuation is a “high emotional sexual excitement” but it never lasts long because it is not true love.
One of the signs of infatuation is that you try to idolize the person you think you are in love with. Everything he or she does seems right and perfect to you and you don’t see their flaws. Other people can see plenty of danger but you can’t see them because you are “blindly in love”. Your romantic feelings have taken over and you are not using your real sense. Sometimes when you are been asked, you be like, “I think I lost my mind”.

And for this reason, today we are going to know what True Love is all about.
Another important thing we are going to look into is “sexual attraction”. This is a physical attraction between a Guy and a Lady/Girl. We are built with a sex drive which causes us to be interested in the opposite sex and there is nothing wrong or sinful about this. It is the way God made us. Sin comes when we attempt to satisfy our sexual drive.

To be sexually attracted to someone does not mean you are in love with that person. What it does is to make you want to have sex. A Guy can see a Girl/Lady with a beautiful figure and he says, “Wow!” A girl or lady sees a handsome guy that sings or he is funny and has SWAG or can dance and her heart skips a beat or two. Is that love? I don’t think so. It’s simply physical attraction between a guy and a lady or girl.

Now, let’s see what True Love is and some qualities it posses.

True love has many qualities. It is real. It contains a magical element of physical attraction. But it is more than this. It is natural because you don’t even know why or how to get into it. It has its roots in friendship. In true love you love the total person. You enjoy being with that person and sharing things and ideas that will improve and make them. It is really more than magical and beautiful. It is something to be treasured just like a “Diamond” it is rare to find but it exist. It is unselfish that is to say that it is selfless and in it there is giving, expecting nothing in return. It sacrifices for the one it loves. It also deals with commitment. It doesn’t give up or quite when problems comes along.

True love will develop you and bring out the best in you which are you hidden potentials
If you are infatuated with someone, you may “laze” around and daydream, but if your love is real, you apply yourself to your work, you make plans and prepare for the future. Although it is simple but hard, because when you are preparing for the best, you need to get ready to work on it and delete the worst.

Real love is not just a wonderful feeling that strikes you suddenly. It takes time to grow and develop.
You don’t “fall” into true love with someone rather you “grow” into it. You have to know a person before you can love that person for real and true love from your heart. It is impossible to truly know someone at first sight; and likewise impossible to have real love for someone at first sight. You may be attracted to someone at first sight. You may even be “turned on” by someone at first sight. But you cannot genuinely love a person who you don’t really know.

Remember that, you don’t “fall” into true love with someone; you “grow” into it.
Best love to you.

God’s loves u and cares about you, try as much as you can to experience his love.



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