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Becoming the Right Person in Relationship

Your chance for a happy future and a successful relationship depends on decision and making the right choice in the area of developing yourself with the right attitude to become the right person compatible for a better and the best of relationship.

Being the right person or finding the right person for the right relationship depends on the rightful choice you make.

You may be attracted to someone at first sight may be by his character or charisma, you may even be “turned on” by someone at first sight reason being that he/she is cute, but you can not genuinely love a person you don’t really know because it has a process and you need to find out your compatibility if you can be able to be in relationship with that person and that is the reason why today I am going to let you know how to become the right person for the right relationship.

Some people today in our various/different Countries have gone as far as dating a lot of people because they are seeking true love more especially or dear Ladies (Girls).

They even become vulnerable because they want the right person for relationship, they want to be loved, instead of guiding their selves and keeping to their guard, they now become irresponsible and go as far as doing anything they can just to keep to a guy but that is not true.

This is a question I won’t fail to ask.
Ladies, do you think that having sex with a guy will make him love you more or keep him to you? The answer is “NO” because having sex with him only gives him a way out and you will become the talk of the day and a thing of mockery. You will automatically become worthless to him.

As we go on, I will tell you about “What SEX does to a relationship”.
The problem some of our Ladies/Girls really think is “Finding the right person to love instead of becoming the right because they desire to be loved, they are seeking for someone who will really care, love and appreciate them.
You are beautiful
You are wonderful
You are so precious
You are unique
You deserve to be loved
You need to be taken care of
You are one of the perfection of God’s creation
You are strong
You are pretty cool
You are a diamond
You are kind
Without you, the world is not complete
You are lovable
You are admirable
You are fun to be with
You deserve a special attention
You are adorable
You are to be cherished
You are a priceless jewel
You are filled with goodness
 You are cheerful
This is who you really are and you deserve more. You are not to be toyed with; you are not made for sex. At times, after a guy might have turned a girl on and must have had sex with her she now become worthless to him. This is the reason why you need to guide your pride, morals and keep to your guard with your pretty attitude. You need to build the lady you are for the woman you will become.

Remember, you are a Royalty and you are Excellent.

Reasons why you need to be the Right Person
Many relationships today doesn’t start off on the right foot because the people/individuals involved are focused on impressing one another and some even neglect their standards/morals just to keep the relationship going and sometimes when hurt, they try to cover up just because they want the person they think is right for them instead of becoming the right person and others will wish to have you.

Some people, in order to protect the person they think is right for them, they wouldn’t like to see them go/move out with any other person but them. Why then are you protecting it? If it’s truly yours, it will come to you. Why are you being jealous?

OK I think I know the answer it’s because you are not sure of yourself that is why you are jealous, because you have forgotten your qualities, you have forgotten who you are, because you didn’t make yourself the right person. But in some cases you need to guide what you have but avoid unnecessary jealousy.

Making yourself the right person will make the other person desire you and wouldn’t cheat on you because you are just there.

Now these are some of the things you need to become the right person.

Becoming the right person for the right relationship has a lot of work that is very easy, it all depends on you.

To be the right person you need to work on yourself in the area of compatibility, you need to learn how to respect yourself if you must be respected.

You need to build your self esteem

You need self knowledge (knowing who you are)

You need to be mind blowing

You need not to do things in order to impress people always because you don’t want to loose them.

This is because you have uniqueness in you and it can’t be seen elsewhere.

The biggest mistake some ladies does is sacrificing their moral to please a guy and you think that when you always do what he wants then he will become crazy about you but it’s not true, it doesn’t work that way.

You need to accept the fact that relationship is a responsibility. It is not to be one sided; everybody needs to play their part.

Remember, you do not change a person no matter how much you love them or how hard you try to. So for this, as we go on, I will tell you about “Right choice in Relationship”. And for the young people like me, when going into dating game, you need to find your match and remember, you can not make someone love you. They either love you or they don’t.

You need not to think straight you need to think otherwise and know your stand. Don’t just say yes.
In our next post, we will learn about the “Things you need to know before going into Relationship".

Always make right choice


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