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Building A Lasting Relationship

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Flaws Of Your Spouse

On one of our post, we talked about growing in love which has to do with friendship (i.e time when you both were good friends ad it’s at this time you learn more about who you are in love with, you learn about his/her character, and attitudes, know his/her strength and weaknesses .
Many relationships and marriages have failed and some divorced because of failure to understand that the spouse has some flaws.

They fail to understand who they really are in love with or married to. Some becomes inconsiderate about it while others wouldn’t just care about it.
“You” being in relationship or married should understand that you both are together in order to put things together the way it should be.
Flaws simply put means Imperfection, Weakness, Shortcoming, Deficiency Or Defect of something most especially Human.
So, you can see that from the above definition it simply means that either of you are not perfect individually but coming together being married or in relationship has to do with understan…

Reasons for going Into a Relationship

In the world today, mostly in some African Countries, people ventures into relationship because of some certain reasons that don't really count and some reasons do.

Many at times it has been seen or heard how people fall in love or venture into relationships from various ways and some of these reasons and ways often leads to serious heart break because they eventually falls for the wrong people and it always hurt.
Some of them Enjoys it. It comes in two ways just as it is said that A mans food is the fellows poison. it may work out for one and fail the other. 
A good number of people today often fall into relationship because they saw others doing it and they just want to have that perfect moment as their friends do but they don't really want to pass through the process. They just say "yes" and forget that they have to grow to it and not jumping from one relationship to the other. It's not a matter of looking for the right or perfect Guy or Lady but building your o…

True Love and Its Qualities

People are completely carried away by an attraction to someone. They are so carried away by this attraction that they don’t know what they are doing and it is said to be, “being blindly in love”(infatuation). But the truth of the matter is “Love is NEVER Blind”.
Some who are involved in infatuation usually cannot think of any other thing or anyone else other than the structural build up of the so called love (sexual gratification and pleasure – lust).
Infatuation is a “high emotional sexual excitement” but it never lasts long because it is not true love. One of the signs of infatuation is that you try to idolize the person you think you are in love with. Everything he or she does seems right and perfect to you and you don’t see their flaws. Other people can see plenty of danger but you can’t see them because you are “blindly in love”. Your romantic feelings have taken over and you are not using your real sense. Sometimes when you are been asked, you be like, “I think I lost my mind”.

In Love, Do you Know This?

Becoming the Right Person in Relationship

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